The Basques

Basque culture

Physical characteristics
There are some large physical featuresin the euskauldunak race that immediately attracts the attention of a keen observer, such as the protruding chin, the prominent nose and the strikingly large ears. Most Basques have some of these features.

Who are we Basques?
Who are we, the Basques? In what kind of context can this question about our identity may be asked? I believe that the question is always relevant as long as the Basque communities keep facing the challenges of their own future, regardless that both French and Spaniards lack the courage to face the same question themselves.

Introduction to Basque Culture

General information regarding Euskal Herria (Basque country)
The Basque country or Euskal Herria is a region of Western Europe inserted between Spain and France and comprised of seven provincial territories which are located on the Western side of the Pyrenees mountain range and its adjacent areas.

Get to know the Basque country with internet
Euskal Herria conjures up internet`s images of mountains and the Cantabrian Sea, shepherds and folk-dancers, ancient mythology and sorcery, rowing-boat regattas, lumberjacks, cider and patxaran liquor. And, simultaneously, images of people taking up leadership positions in European innovation, business development, and successful cooperativism.

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From the town of La Quiaca in the far north of the country to Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world, you will find countless landscapes, folk cultures and festivals, theaters and libraries, rural estancias and tourism attractions. Visiting Argentina through the eyes of internet is an invitation worth considering.

Brief introduction to Basque dances
There are few cultures that still preserve the richness and variety of dances like the Basque people. Basques are sober and sparing in their daily life, but are especially ceremonious and faithful to his traditions on public events.

Brief introduction to Basque music
Basques are famous worldwide for their love of music for singing and dancing, which are the same on both sides of the Pyrenees. Most of their songs are on tempo andante whose placidity and graciousness perfectly match the Basque character, not prone to noisy expressions of irrepressible joy.

Brief introduction to Basque cuisine
The dishes of the Basque cuisine are simple and noble. The more original and best known recipes are those based on fish obtained on the Basque coast or other fishing grounds that Basque fishermen have exploited for centuries.

Basque theater
Masquerades, astolasterrak, pastorals and Carnival tragicomedies. History, description and meaning.

Four distinctive elements of the Basques
The ball, the beret (txapela), the espadrille (abarka) and the lauburu are four distinctive elements of the Basques.

The Basque farmhouse
The farmhouse (baserri or basarri) is the rural house of the Basque country. The farmhouse is considered to be the agricultural-livestock exploitation unit with the house. As a dispersed population unit, it is more or less distant from urban centers (kale). “Baserritar” is the landlord, while “kaletar” is the man of the city.