The Fundación Vasco Argentina Juan de Garay

The Fundación Vasco Argentina Juan de Garay is a cultural institution of the Basque community whose objective is to extend and project the tradition and customs of this town in Argentina.

Our work is based on the significant Basque immigration to this country: approximately ten percent of the Argentine population has ancestry of that origin and according to some studies it is estimated that the around 15,000 known Basque surnames are present in the country.

Based in Buenos Aires, since 1983 we have developed a wide cultural activity and offer various services.

They are permanent activities:

  • Historical investigations
  • Advice and genealogical research services
  • Online Historical Consultation Service
  • Publications
  • Courses, Conferences, Artistic Shows
  • Annual awards
  • Tourist-cultural excursions to Euskal Herria (Basque Country)

We also offer advice to anyone who wants to get to know any aspect of Basque culture. For this we have a Library (one of the most important on the subject in Latin America) that is open to the public.

Every year we participate with a stand at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires that allows us to approach a potential audience of one million people who annually visit this show.

Every four months we edit the publication Los Vascos – Euskaldunak, which is distributed among the members and to which anyone interested can subscribe.

As a contribution to life in our City of Buenos Aires, we organized together with the City Government the act of the anniversary of the founding of the city in Plazoleta «June 11, 1580», located next to the Casa Rosada and dedicated to its founder: Juan de Garay.

We maintain a website, we have a blogspot of Basque surnames in Argentina, and we periodically send a newsletter and Basque topics of the Foundation to our members and all our followers.

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